For the love and passion of fabrics and design


I have been designing bags and dresses since childhood. My sisters and I would make dresses, bags, bows, anything to put our love of fabric to work. I’ve always enjoyed the construction of thing and making something from nothing. I even designed and made my wedding dress from scratch! After a long and rewarding career in the dental field, it was time to devote my time back to where it all began. I design my patterns, cut and sew everything on this website in my sewing studio in Orange County. As for the construction, machine and hand embroidery are part of my collection. I also work with genuine leather cottons, lace, beads, crystals, and ribbons. Each specially made detail on each bag is hand-stitched with love and care. My work is truly my passion. I am dedicated to sharing love of fabric and creation with my friends, family and customers across the U.S. I thoroughly enjoy making each and every piece while giving my customers a unique gift for themselves or for someone special.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed!


Campana Bags donates to charitable foundations supporting children in Orange County CA.